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Peter Bernard Hoidale founded the company that bears his name in 1946. Starting from a small office in Wichita, Kansas, selling fuel storage tanks and pumping units, the company had its first geographic expansion in the mid 1970’s. This expansion came in the form of branch offices in Garden City and Chanute, Kansas. As the company continued to grow through the 70’s and early 80’s, we added additional product lines to complement our fuel equipment business, such as air compressors and lubrication equipment. By the mid 80’s, Hoidale had expanded into Oklahoma, opening offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The 1990’s brought about another expansion of our business into electronic tank monitoring and point-of-sale systems. These new POS systems were designed to provide our customers with more accurate information about how their businesses are performing. The mid 90’s also saw the opening of our Kansas City branch office. Since the turn of the new century we have again expanded our product lines to better meet the existing, as well as future, customer demand for heavy duty lift equipment, and automated lubrication systems. We will continue to expand both our product lines as well as our geographic reach to better serve our customer base as it grows in new and exciting directions.

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