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Cheniere Energy, Inc. is an international energy company headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is the leading producer of liquefied natural gas in the United States. We provide clean, secure, and affordable energy to the world, while responsibly delivering a reliable, competitive, and integrated source of LNG, in a safe and rewarding work environment. Cheniere’s operations, construction and development also support energy and economic development across the United States. Cheniere is the second largest LNG producer in the world.

In February 2016, Cheniere became the first company to ship LNG from a commercial facility in the contiguous United States. Since startup, more than 850 cumulative cargoes of LNG originating from Cheniere have been delivered to 32 countries and regions worldwide. In support of that global reach, Cheniere has additional offices in London, Singapore, Washington, Beijing, and Tokyo.

LNG is natural gas in liquid form. It is produced through a refrigeration process that drops the temperature of natural gas down to -260 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point it converts to liquid, and its volume shrinks by 600 times, enabling global transport in LNG carriers. LNG is non-toxic and non-flammable. When burned, natural gas emits less carbon than coal and oil, with significantly less traditional air pollutants. Additionally, all mercury is removed during the LNG process.

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